• This cotton canvas waterproof parasol/umbrella is handmade and beautifully hand painted with a groovy surfer chic. When opened it has a 82 cm diameter and it is 68 cm long. It has a wooden piece on the top that is both decorative and another layer of strength. It is perfect for a special occasion such as weddings, parties and festivals. It is also perfect for brightening up any room in your house. It is not only a parasol/umbrella it is a beautiful piece of Art. 

    We also make 100% white cotton umbrella bags which are perfect for carrying our umbrellas/parasols. You will receive a FREE umbrella bag with each umbrella purchase. 

    Hand Painted Surfer On Waterproof Parasol

    • I cannot say it enough our umbrellas are totally unique and one off as they are 100% handmade and hand painted using traditional ancient techniques dating back centuries. We use no machines just very simple tools and our hands. As our umbrellas are hand painted they will smell of paint as they are new. The smell of paint will fade with time and use. As our umbrellas are made from bamboo and wood they are not as easy to open and close as a factory made metal umbrella. My umbrellas are stiffer to open and close in the beginning however they will loosen up with use. For this reason we do not recommend these umbrellas for everyday use. As they are made by our hands minor imperfections are typical features and I believe they add character and charm. If you want a perfect umbrella I'm happy to say this probably isn't the shop for you. However if you want a totally unique handmade umbrella with loads of charm and character my umbrellas are perfect for you.

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