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About Us

HolyCowChic was born in the magical mountainous hill tribe region of northern Thailand. My wife and I spent years travelling throughout remote regions of India, Nepal, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Africa.

While travelling in these remote isolated regions we came across some very special unique villages many of which had no electricity. It was in these villages that we learnt ancient handmade techniques centuries old from incredibly talented old masters and gurus. As many of these villages had no electricity they relied on a world without machines. Therefore we learned ancient techniques involved using only our hands and very simple tools. The beauty of learning these ancient almost lost techniques was that they allowed us to produce truly amazing unique products without the use of machines.

It is so refreshing to make products by hand in a world where the machine has taken over and sucked the creativity out of our souls. Our world has become stale and boring from all these machine products. It was for this reason that we fell in love with making new and exciting products only with our hands and simply tools.


I’m Irish born and bred and I love to incorporate my Celtic roots with the incredible mysteries of Asia into our designs.

Our travels continue as we have just relocated to beautiful Portugal. More amazing adventures to come.

We hope you LOVE our unique handmade creations.

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