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So it's official — sandal season is here!

100% handmade sandals made from the finest quality full-grain leather. They are available in all sizes as we custom make them to your actual feet measurements. No machines are used in the making of my sandals. They combine style and functionality. An enormous amount of care and energy goes into making each sandal. They are totally unique, extremely comfortable and durable.

The leather straps that go around the back of your ankle are adjustable so you can obtain the perfect fit.

The full-grain leather that I use is the highest quality most expensive type of leather. It is the strongest, most durable and most breathable leather and it resists moisture very well. Over time it will look nicer and nicer.

Please note full grain leather will have irregularities: from healed scrapes where the animal brushed against bushes; to insect bites; to brands done by the rancher. I incorporate these natural irregularities into each pair of sandals which showcases each pair's natural individuality and handcrafted nature.

The sole is made from a layer of soft flexible foam for extra comfort combined with a layer of hard rubber for excellent grip and durability. All my soles are also 100% hand cut to your specifications.

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