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New Excellent Brown Cow Leather With Snake Print

Amazing wholesale discounts on larger orders. After searching for more than a decade I have finally found the perfect brown cow leather with snake print and I'm delighted to share it with you.

Please note full grain leather will have irregularities: from healed scrapes where the animal brushed against bushes; to insect bites; to brands done by the rancher. I think these irregularities will bring a natural uniqueness to your leather work.

This is excellent quality genuine cow leather with snake print with a thickness of 1.4 mm. Having a thickness of 1.4mm makes it perfect for all types of leather work.

The price shown is for a 12"x 12" (1 SQF) piece.

Our leather pieces are not scrap pieces. We buy full hides and cut them to the size you need to give you the highest quality possible.


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