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Eco Friendly Wall Art

Create a natural environmentally friendly look for the walls of your home with our 8mm thick diamond cork decorative message wall tiles. Our hypoallergenic bulletin cork wall tiles couldn't be easier and quicker to install. All you need to do is place the provided self sticking stripes on the back of the tile and apply to a clean dry smooth wall. Using these cork tiles it is also possible to create a large message board to the size and shape you want which you can pin all your messages to.

These cork tiles also provide good insulation, energy savings, improve acoustical and soundproofing properties.

You can purchase them in sets of six. They are available in Plain, Marble or Smoked Cork. Amazing wholesale discounts on larger orders. These tiles are fixed to the wall with supplied self sticking stripes. Six pins are also supplied with each set of six tiles.

Please click on the link below to check out more amazing handmade natural cork products in my shop:

Cork has amazing characteristics. It is light weight, rot resistant, non-toxic, good compression and expansion, fire resistant, hypoallergenic, water resistant, impermeable, soft, and buoyant.

Cork bark is “stripped” off the cork oak trees at appropriate intervals without damage to the trees and allows new bark to grow in its place so there is no harm to nature, no trees are cut or destroyed, no disturbance of flora and fauna.

To clean wipe with a damp cloth without the use of detergents.

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