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Bread Basket of Nature

Our bread or food baskets are made from eco friendly sustainable natural cork.

10% OFF and FREE SHIPPING! Made in Portugal!

Our totally unique cork baskets are perfect for storing bread, biscuits, tea, crisps, nuts, rice, pasta or any food. You can decorate your table with our unique cork food baskets.

I work directly with cork farmers in Portugal. Portugal produces the best cork in the world. These cork food baskets are individually hand crafted from cork bark. The cork is naturally dramatic, rich in texture, warm and as durable as Mother Nature meant cork to be.

Cork has amazing characteristics. It is light weight, rot resistant, non-toxic, fire resistant, impermeable and soft. Cork is stain and water resistant. It is a natural material, recyclable and biodegradable. It is naturally anti-microbial and self-cleansing meaning it prevents the build up of bacteria and odors.

Cork bark is “stripped” off the cork oak trees at appropriate intervals without damage to the trees and allows new bark to grow in its place so there is no harm to nature, no trees are cut or destroyed, no disturbance of flora and fauna.

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