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New Hand Stitched Eco Friendly Vegan Moccasins Made From Cork

These are the only 100% hand stitched eco friendly shoes made from the finest quality genuine soft cork IN THE WORLD. They are available in all sizes as we custom make them to your actual feet measurements. All our moccasin boots are hand cut, hand punched and hand stitched from the finest quality cork. They have a beautiful earthy natural cut. No sewing machines or assembly lines are in sight. The inside of the shoes are lined with warm cozy felt. They are 100% vegan as they are made from the bark of a cork tree. These unique vegan boots have a beautiful natural look and feel. They are waterproof and very easy to clean. All you need is soap and water. Cork has amazing characteristics as it is light weight, rot resistant, Eco friendly and non-toxic. Cork bark is “stripped” off the cork oak trees at appropriate intervals without damage to the trees and allows new bark to grow in its place so there is no harm to nature, no trees are cut or destroyed, no disturbance of flora and fauna. The sole is made from a layer of soft flexible foam for extra comfort combined with a layer of hard rubber for excellent grip and durability. All my soles are also 100% handmade to your specifications.

Stitched Eco Friendly Vegan Moccasins Made From Cork

*** I cannot say it enough my moccasins are totally unique as they are 100% handmade using traditional ancient techniques dating back centuries. I use no machines just very simple tools and my hands. As my cork boots are made by my hands and not machines minor imperfections are typical features and I believe they add character and charm. If you want a perfect pair of moccasins I'm sad to say this probably isn't the shop for you. However if you want unique handmade moccasins with loads of charm and character my moccasins are perfect for you. *** SIZES They are available in all sizes.


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