100% Handmade Funky Purple Leather Moccasins With Black Leather Bats

100% handmade moccasins made from the finest quality funky purple soft leather. They have black leather bats incorporated into their design. These moccasins are hand cut, hand punched and hand stitched. They have a beautiful earthy natural cut. No sewing machines or assembly lines are in sight.These beautiful moccasins combine style and functionality. An enormous amount of care and energy goes into making each moccasin. They are totally unique, unbelievably comfortable, breathable and durable. They fit any leg size as you can wrap the leather of the moccasin around your leg for the perfect fit. They can be worn up or folded down depending on your mood.

The sole is made from hard durable flexible rubber which is also hand cut, hand punched and hand stitched.

They are available in all sizes.

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