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Handmade Vintage Hmong Hilltribe Belt Bag

Totally unique one off handmade vintage Hmong hilltribe embroidered cotton belt bag. This belt bag is fantastically designed. The hand embroidery is simply amazing. This beautiful bag combines style and functionality. It is made from recycled Hmong vintage tribal tapestry. The Hmong tribe are an ethnic hill tribe group which live near me in the mountains in the north of Thailand. The Hmong people are believed to have been the original inhabitants of the Yellow River Valley (ancient China). When expansion took place from the northern part of China, the Hmong were pushed southwards to escape oppression. For centuries, they struggled to establish themselves as independent people. Eventually they settled in what is now known as Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar, and more recently in the hillsides of northern Thailand. For along time the Hmong people supported themselves by cultivating opium. Recently, they have turned from opium growing, and are supporting their income from the sales of their beautiful craftwork. Beautiful wooden beads, vintage Burmese and Chinese coins are also incorporated into the design of this belt bag. This bag belt has two large hip pockets. The larger pocket is closed by a zip. It is fastened by wrapping straps around the silver colored Hmong vintage belt bag balls. The bag is adjustable by fastening or loosening these straps. It fits waist sizes from 87cm to 97cm.

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