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Brighten up your spring with our new 100% Handmade Yellow Leather Hmong Belt Bag

Unique one off funky yellow leather Hmong belt bag. The bag is 100% handmade and made from excellent quality leather and vintage Hmong hill tribe embroidered fabric. The Hmong fabric is made from up cycled Hmong hill tribe embroidered clothing. This bag is fantastically designed. The hand embroidery and leather work are simply amazing. This beautiful bag combines style and functionality. Hmong hill tribes live in the North of Thailand and have origins from the Tibetan area of China. Their livelihood has been changed from Opium farming to handcrafting. This one off, eco-friendly bag is up cycled from the traditional, embroidered clothing of Hmong hill tribes in Thailand. It is perfect for every occasion especially parties or festivals. The belt bag has a main compartment which is closed by a buckle. On the back of the belt bag there is zip pocket.

100% Handmade Yellow Leather Hmong Belt Bag

The belt bag is adjustable and fits all waist sizes. Approx. dimensions of main bag compartment are 22 cm x 15.5cm.


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