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Beautiful Funky 100% Handmade Hill Tribe Leather Inca Boots

We are really happy to introduce to you our latest creation: 100% handmade hill tribe leather Inca boots. They are made from the finest quality funky brown colored leather. An enormous amount of care and energy goes into making each boot. They have Hmong vintage tribal fabric encorporated into their design. The Hmong tribe are an ethnic hill tribe group which live near me in the mountains in the north of Thailand. The fabric insert used in these moccasins is Hmong vintage tribal tapestry which is beautifully cross stitched. The Hmong people are believed to have been the original inhabitants of the Yellow River Valley (ancient China). When expansion took place from the northern part of China, the Hmong were pushed southwards to escape oppression.These boots are totally unique, unbelievably comfortable, breathable and durable. They are available in a wide range of colors. The sole is made from hard durable flexible rubber which is also hand cut, hand punched and hand stitched. I only use the finest quality leather and top grade materials. I don't use a sewing machine because hand stitching is more durable, longer lasting and far more elegant. They are available in a wide range of colors. They are available in all sizes. Please let me know your size and I would be delighted to make you a pair.

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