• Handcrafted ceramic with glass blue fish dish. This beautiful fish dish is hand painted with amazing colors. It is a perfect gift or storage dish for jewelry. It is sure to brighten up any room or table.

    It is handmade with stoneware clay, bisque fired, hand painted and decorated with glass.

    Please note as this ceramic contains glass pieces it is recommended to use with food. It should be washed by hand.

    The product is new and can ship immediately.

    Handmade Ceramic With Glass Fish Bowl

    Fish Size
    • I have two different size fish bowls available:

      1. Smaller Size Fish
      Length 13cm (5.1 inches)
      Width 11cm (4.3 inches)

      2. Larger Size Fish
      Length 17cm (6.7 inches)
      Width 15cm (5.9 inches)

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