Eco Friendly Reusable Cork Protective Face Mask with FILTERS. FREE SHIPPING.

These protective face masks are made from cork. Cork has amazing characteristics. It is 100% natural, hypoallergenic, odorless, eco friendly, light, soft, durable, vegan and water resistant. Cork bark is “stripped” off the cork oak trees at appropriate intervals without damage to the trees and allows new bark to grow in its place so there is no harm to nature, no trees are cut or destroyed, no disturbance of flora and fauna.

These eco friendly cork protective masks are excellent because they are:

- Breathable through the small holes in the front of the mask.
- Reusable And Washable. The mask can be easily washed by hand with hot water (60 degrees celsius) and soap or you can disinfect it with
alcohol. The cork mask also dries quickly.
- Place two filters in the inside filter pocket each time you use the mask. Contains 10 filters. The filters are washable up to maximum of 5 times. I also sell these TNT filters in packs of 20. For more information please contact me.
- Comfortable Elastic Ear Loops.
- Comfortable Nose Adjuster.
- Made In Portugal From The Finest Cork In The World.
- Available In A Wide Range Of Designs In Adult And Child Sizes.
- Amazing wholesale discounts on larger orders. For more information on the amazing wholesale discounts please contact me.

Tribal Reusable Cork Face Mask

  • Approximate Dimensions:
    Lenght 21cm (8.3 inches)
    Width 13cm (5.1 inches)

    Please note: This is not a medical device. These face masks are not considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or medically certified. 

    Due to the nature of the product it is not possible to return it.

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